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Hi, I'm Holly!

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I make ASMR videos on YouTube for Sleep, Calm, Relaxation & Stress Relief. Subscribe to my ASMR YouTube Channel.

Alongside my healing, relaxation videos, I offer Spiritual Guidance using my intuition. You can Order an Email Reading with me.

Got an iPhone/iPad? Download my Soft Spoken ASMR Meditation App for FREE!

Latest Video

ASMR Sleep Clinic Roleplay

posted 1 day ago

Latest Video Blogs

  • ASMR Trigger Words & Tapping

    ASMR Trigger Words & Tapping

    posted 4 days ago

    In this video I'll be whispering relaxing words (known as ASMR trigger words SkSk, Stipple, Sleep+ into your ears with 3Dio ear tapping and mouth sounds. Ear to Ear whisper (binaural) for SLEEP Read More →
  • ASMR 1 Hour Tapping (No Talking)

    ASMR 1 Hour Tapping (No Talking)

    posted 1 week ago

    Enjoy this 1 HOUR of pure varied tapping for tingles on different objects with long nails! Binaural, EAR to EAR Tapping using the 3Dio (No Talking) Lots of you requested for it :) Read More →