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Hi, I'm Holly!

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ASMR Reiki Energy Healing Role Play

posted 2 days ago

Latest Video Blogs

  • ASMR Soft Spoken Anxiety & Stress Relief Chat

    ASMR Soft Spoken Anxiety & Stress Relief Chat

    posted 3 days ago

    Do you suffer from Anxiety? In this ASMR Role Play I'll be talking in a Soft Spoken voice to help you to relax, whilst talking with you about Anxiety and Stress with suggestions on how you can cope and move forwards. Read More →
  • ASMR Relaxing Sounds for Tingles & Relaxation

    ASMR Relaxing Sounds for Tingles & Relaxation

    posted 1 week ago

    In this relaxation video, you'll hear a selection of different calming sounds to help you to find you to sleep, reduce anxiety and stress and help you to relax. Since having my meditation app, I've turned my youtube channel into an ASMR relaxation channel now, where all of my videos are going to help people to relax and unwind. (This video is best listened to with headphones and used as background audio) I hope you enjoy! Read More →