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Hi, I'm Holly!

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I make ASMR videos on YouTube for Sleep, Calm, Relaxation & Stress Relief. Subscribe to my ASMR YouTube Channel.

Alongside my healing, relaxation videos, I offer Spiritual Guidance using my intuition. You can Order an Email Reading with me.

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ASMR Ear Massage & Soft Whispers

posted 3 hours ago

Latest Video Blogs

  • ASMR Inaudible Whispers Ear to Ear

    ASMR Inaudible Whispers Ear to Ear

    posted 1 day ago

    Hey sleepyheads! Today's video is another pure unintelligible whisper ear to ear and inaudible whispering video, except this time with the 3Dio EAR to EAR whisper with mouth sounds, actual words and ear tapping. I hope you enjoy :) (Requested) Read More →
  • ASMR Whispers & Face Brushing for Sleep

    ASMR Whispers & Face Brushing for Sleep

    posted 2 days ago

    In this video I'm going to be doing some camera/face brushing whilst relaxing you with some inaudibile whispers and unintelligible whispering for sleep and tingles while touching your face with gentle hand movements Read More →